Make no mistake on where The Crush stands regarding our 2nd AMENDMENT!

The following, is the official statement from Lee Lakosky in regards to their stance on the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of The Crush TV show, made the tough decision to step out from the show’s lineup as well. Lakosky also talked with Deer and Deer Hunting today:

"This was a hard decision, not because of the show and what they did, but that we won’t have the opportunity to talk and shake hands with the fans that will be at the show. But, we can’t support a show that doesn’t completely support the Second Amendment.'

Lee and Tiffany were at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas when they heard the news of the press release, but because of obvious time restrictions, weren’t able to act immediately. “Right away when we heard, we figured we’d pull out of the show, but wanted to make sure we knew all the facts first. As soon as we learned what was happening, we made the choice not to go.”

Lakosky also commented on the press release from the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

“I don’t know why the NSSF would promote this ban just to please one vendor out of twelve hundred,” he said. “Anyone who believes this isn’t a big deal is wrong. It is a big deal because this is where it starts. There’s a reason for the Second Amendment and we all need to band together and stand behind it.”

God Bless America!
-Lee and Tiffany Lakosky