CRUSH Kitchen: Corn on the Cob CrushCakes

What you will need:

A box of your favorite cupcake mix (we used vanilla) 

A jar of your favorite frosting (we used white to make the jelly beans pop, but you can also use yellow or tint it) 

2 cups of assorted yellow and white jelly beans (we used Jelly Belly) 

1 piece of Banana Laffy Taffy 

Corn on the Cob Skewer Holders 

Bake cupcakes according to package directions. 

Cool completly and frost. 

Arrange jelly beans on top of frosting to resemble corn kernels. 

Place 3 cupcakes together, and stick a skewer in each opposite end. 

Cut the Laffy Taffy into a square and place on top to resemble a pat of butter.